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A Premium Product, the traditional way...
(Finely Selected, Washed, Dried, Powdered and Packed)

Natural choice for
Individuals and Families

We proudly introduce “Hessa” meaning “Pure” a premium grade quality product freshly selected, cleaned, washed, dried and hygienically packed packed to provide the organic freshness directly from the farms to our valued customer. Our product includes Spices and Agro products mainly Chilli powder ( Paprika, Cayenne), Crushed chilli, Coriander Powder (Cilantro Powder, Chinese Parsley), Turmeric Powder (Curcumin), Black Pepper Powder ( Peppercorn, Piper Nigrum), Rice Powder (Rice Flour ), Wheat Powder ( Whole grain, Wheat grain, Wheat Atta Flour) and Ragi ( Finger Millets, Eleusine Coracana ) Our products are available for distribution through E-commerce, Locally, Regionals, Nationally and Globally.
Hessa Spice Powders

Hessa Agro Products

Our brands spell care, respect and integrity. We pride in giving quality to our customers and that is why we are the preferred and organic choice for individuals and families alike. Try our exclusive range of Rice Powder , Wheat Powder and Ragi Powder
hessa agro products

Hessa Products
Natural spices for your healthy life

We at Hessa pride ourselves in being the preferred and natural choice for individuals
and families alike by providing the highest quality products through care, respect and integrity.
high quality
Hight QualityWith eyes trained only on quality, our spices are curated carefully
Fair Trade
Fair Trade We promise ethically-sourced spices direct from farms to doors.
Real Aroma
Real Aroma Add the punch that your cooking needs with these aromatic spices.
Why Hessa Products
Hessa is committed to good health and that is why all its products vouch for purity and freshness. We truly believe in the mantra health is wealth. A healthy mind is integral in leading a healthy and happy life. Find what promotes good health and make an intelligent choice. Your choice will determine how your body will sustain itself. Eat right, eat healthy, and give your body the right amount of exercise it needs.
Women Empowermentwomen empowerment
"Once you realize the real force within you, unleash it, you could make any dream or a desire a reality!"

Our Products

Hessa Chilli Powder

Chilli Powder

Add the spice punch to your life with Hessa’s chilli powder. Its deep red colour will enliven the mood of your dish the way you want. Try our classic blend and woo people with your culinary skills.
hessa Crushed Chilli Powder

Crushed Chilli Powder

Do you have a tolerance for heat? Lend a direct heat to your dish with our crushed Chilli powder product and transform your ordinary dish to a whole new level. Experience the zing with every bite and enjoy to the fullest.
Pepper Powder

Pepper Powder

Now don’t bother grinding pepper. Hessa’s pepper powder seals within itself the freshness of home-ground pepper. Try our range to experience the unmatched benefits of this spice that sneaks its way into most Indian dishes.
Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder

This yellow gold though not as precious as the metal that everyone hankers after packs within itself a whole lot of health benefits. Try Hessa’s turmeric powder to not just flavor your curries but also get a whole lot of medicinal properties that it entails.
Coriander Powder

Coriander Powder

Smear that mild flavor in your sweet and savoury preparations with Hessa’s pure and fresh coriander powder. Created from the best, round and healthy coriander seeds, we bet you won’t try another one once you’ve tried Hessa
Hessa Ragi Powder

Ragi Powder

Thinking how to have more proteins to your diet. Think no further, we introduce HESSA Ragi Powder, which has highly nutritional value. Regi (finger Millets) is an ancient super food used by natives and not much known to the world. If you are new to Ragi, we recommend trying our product and enjoy variety of delicious recipes.
Hessa Rice Powder

Rice Powder

Try our new HESSA Rice Powder with confidence. Rice is finely selected from the farms to serve our customer a premium quality to enjoy the food made by loved one’s.
Hessa Wheat Powder

Wheat Powder

Tasting a home-made curry made by your closest one’s? Add our HESSA Wheat (Atta) Powder to have a soft and fluffy Chapati and enjoy the essence of curries made by your loved one’s.
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